Financial Coaching

Do you need help budgeting?

Our Homeownership Center offers individual financial coaching for those needing to develop a  financial plan. With one-on-one counseling, Affordable Housing Resources, Inc. (AHR) can help you regardless of your specific financial situation.  Financial Coaching is a free service for our community.

The Financial Education classes will teach you:

  • How to manage your money
  • How does credit affect you
  • How to obtain a mortgage loan
  • How to protect your investment
  • How to prevent foreclosure and default
  • How to repair your credit and raise your score
  • How to save for the future
  • How to get out of debt

For more information and help scheduling a class, please call Barbara Holland at (615) 251-0025 ext. 242 or email her at

  • “Thank you for meeting with us and giving us such great advice and direction. We feel like we are now headed in the right direction with a plan and goals. That is such a great feeling!”

  • “I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your time today. Financial challenges can be so stressful and your time and your genuine spirit and your knowledge were a refreshing experience today. Thank you again for spending so much personal time with us.”

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